VBS Staff Resource Page


Instructions before our next meeting before July 10, 2021:

  • Read and become familiar with your station book between June 16 - 23 (link below) .
  • Contact your team member by June 23 to discuss plan/strategy to get material together and prepare for station.  You may need to schedule follow up calls.  If you need the pastor's assistance, feel free to call.
  • Decided with your team how to decorate your station.
  • During the next two weeks, begin ordering materials needed for your station.  Any perishable items, e.g. food, may need to be bought a day(s) before.
  • For more info on resources needed visit the VBS Website   


  • Registration - Rosie S., Ruth S.
  • Music - Audrey B., Moises R., Judy F.
  • Group Leaders - Ana, Andrea, Juan O.?, Zarial O.?
  • Bible Story - Betty S., Juliana R., Abigail
  • Crafts - Lisa W., Moises R.
  • Prayer - Jed G., Lester B.
  • Games - Sarah C., Hershel C., Tantamika C.
  • Snacks - Martha H., Angelica P.
  • Station Decoration - Each station leader
  • Main Room Decoration - Sarah C., Moises R.
  • Advertisement - Moises R., Gardell B.

Music Resources:

Resources for Stations: