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Instructions before our next meeting before July 10, 2021:

  • Read and become familiar with your station book between June 16 - 23 (link below) .
  • Contact your team member by June 23 to discuss plan/strategy to get material together and prepare for station.  You may need to schedule follow up calls.  If you need the pastor's assistance, feel free to call.
  • Decided with your team how to decorate your station.
  • During the next two weeks, begin ordering materials needed for your station.  Any perishable items, e.g. food, may need to be bought a day(s) before.
  • For more info on resources needed visit the VBS Website   


  • Registration - Rosie S., Ruth S.
  • Music - Audrey B., Moises R., Judy F.
  • Group Leaders - Ana, Andrea, Juan O.?, Zarial O.?
  • Bible Story - Betty S., Juliana R., Abigail
  • Crafts - Lisa W., Moises R.
  • Prayer - Jed G., Lester B.
  • Games - Sarah C., Hershel C., Tantamika C.
  • Snacks - Martha H., Angelica P.
  • Station Decoration - Each station leader
  • Main Room Decoration - Sarah C., Moises R.
  • Advertisement - Moises R., Gardell B.

Music Resources:

Resources for Stations:



Downloading or Printing your station's booklet:

  • Under "Resources for Stations" 'right-click' the link for your station, and click on 'Save link as' and choose a place on your computer/phone to save it.
  • If you would like to print it online, click on your station's link, then hit "print" icon.

For more questions feel free to call or text me for any assistance.



Pastor Moises